Term Dates 

Uniform Expectations

Behaviour Support Program (RTP)

At St Brendan’s there is a consistent whole school Behaviour Support Program based on the Responsible Thinking Program. This program involves clear and consistent routines and guidelines for behaviour. Students are encouraged to take full responsibility for the choices they make and for their behaviour. This program is founded on respect for others and their right to work and learn in a positive and safe learning environment. Behaviours that negatively affect the safety of others and their learning will not be tolerated. Parents and students are asked to agree to the procedure during enrolment.

Right relationships are at the core of the mission of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton and every effort will be made to maintain a safe and supportive work and learning environment for all within our school communities. Catholic Education is committed to developing a culture based on mutual trust and respect. It is acknowledged that during the course of a child’s school years, at times, there may be a complaint / concern that you wish to raise about a decision, behaviour, act or omission that you consider to be unacceptable. Catholic Education is committed to ensuring that all grievances are addressed in a fair and equitable manner and the following procedures will guide parents and students in addressing grievances as quickly as possible.